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The training you will receive involves first-hand experience by certified Trainer and Assessor – Stephanie Hills. As a qualified medic with prior basic and advanced life support experience, she brings fresh and current practices to the classroom.
The way she teaches aims to meet every learning requirement need. She takes pride and joy in helping others understand the concepts of emergency healthcare.

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My Story


I'm just a regular farm kid, grew up in SQ. When I was 7, I saw a horrific accident happen at our local bull ride and I saw the paramedics rush into the arena to extract the rider. Something inside me clicked.

I understood that accidents aren't planned; and I realized the importance to learn first aid. I became a medic, and then a trainer. I want to help rural families and individuals to learn life-saving skills.

Because you never know what's going to happen. It could be a stranger, your coworker, or your kid. You never know. I understand that maybe not everyone is as passionate about emergency medicine as I am, but everyone needs to understand that accidents aren't planned. They need to be prepared.

So from this passion, I completed my Diploma in Paramedicine, and ongoing Bachelor of Paramedicine. This gave me years of experience as a medic and working alongside professionals in the field to be able to offer quality and comprehensive first aid training. 


                                                                                                                      - Steph


Reach out if you have any enquiries regarding opportunities, courses or first aid advice!

0497 313 334

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