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Training you can feel good about. Skills you can have confidence in.

Accidents aren't planned.

So we believe in preparing for it. We don't believe in shortcutting on the necessary knowledge. First aid is a vital skill that we believe everyone should learn.  

We are passionate about the delivery and quality of content to ensure competence. That's why we offer training from the hands of an experienced and passionate professional in the emergency medicine field; so you can be confident in your own skills. 


We offer comprehensive first-aid training to meet every learning need.

We explain. We engage. We encourage. 

Initial Response First Aid Training is dedicated to provide quality and comprehensive training to members of the public, businesses and abroad. 

We understand everybody learns differently.

We train to your individual needs and requirements. We offer:

- Nationally recognised courses

- Non-accredited courses

- Blended elearning + face to face training

- Face-to-face training

- New student or refresher training

- Group training at your site

- Public training

- Training on farm

- Cheap and competitive prices

- Certificates produced as soon as humanly possible!



First Aid


Advanced First Aid


Pain Management



Image by Mimi Thian

Community Service Courses

Delivered by Professionals

Our trainers are medics and paramedics; professionals within the emergency health care environment. Don't cheat yourself or your staff on the quality of delivery! You can rest assured that courses are delivered by an expert who can answer questions of medical nature.

Student Support

We are savvy on the tech. We aim to get back to you in regards to your enquiries or questions, as soon as we possibly can. You don't need to worry about waiting a week to hear about booking an essential course. Get in touch today!

Flexible Arrangements

We understand that your life and business can get busy. We pride ourselves with our flexible work arrangements, aiming to offer delivery of your required courses in the mode you prefer, on the date that suits you, in the location that works best. 

Advanced Training Equipment

We are constantly working to improve our offerings and invest in quality equipment.  Our expert team  is passionate about providing to you the best training materials and equipment to ensure the best quality of learning possible.


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