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10.5cm x 10 m with tension indicator for use on Australian snake bites (PIT technique).

This bandage is of sufficient length to bandage a large adult leg.

10cm x 10.5M Stretched


The pressure immobilisation technique (PIT) was introduced for the treatment of Australian snake bites and is suitable for other elapid snake bites. It is also recommended for envenomation by a number of other animals. The PIT retards the flow of lymph by which venoms gain access to the circulation. It has also been shown that there may be inactivation of certain venoms and venom components when the injected venom remains trapped in the tissues by the pressure



The Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT) is recommended for application to bites and stings by the following creatures


    • All Australian venomous snakes, including sea snakes [Class A; LOE III]


    • Funnel Web spider [Class A; LOE IV]


    • Blue-ringed octopus [Class B; LOE Expert Consensus Opinion]


    • Cone shell [Class B; LOE Expert Consensus Opinion]



The Pressure Immobilisation Technique is NOT recommended for the first aid management of:


    • other spider bites including redback;


    • jellyfish stings;


    • fish stings including stonefish bites


    • stings by scorpions, centipedes or beetles.



* According to Guideline 9.4.8.

Snake Bite Bandage with tension indicator

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